Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Draw Mode

I am in total drawing mode right now. That's all I seem to be doing and its good, very good. Cranking out first draft sketches for The River to see what I like and eventually what will make it to the stage. We had our first reading yesterday, well actually, the first reading with all the designers present and it was great!
I love when I am able to come to readings, because I'm sitting there looking at the actors becoming their characters with my ideas already in my head and making adjustments or confirmations of my designs. I can start to see how the costumes are going to look and that's always an amazing feeling.  Only a month now till rehearsals start and its going to get busy!

So for now, I will turn on my music, which happens to be a lot of music by Bonobo.

Bonobo is an musician I discovered several years ago and I enjoy his music because for some reason it makes me want to draw every time I hear it, its calm and soothing, yet also invigorating as well. Let me get back to drawing.


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