Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy...Part 3.

As I enjoy and soak up the next 7 days I have off (which will go by too quickly) till I start my wardrobe gig, here are few things that I will indulge in and have also been a bright light in my world. Maybe they might brighten your world as well.

1) "To Dust"-Alice Russell

I've been test-driving this album on Spotify for like a week and I can't get some of the songs out of my head. As of today, I will actually buy the album, so yes, its that good.  She's a British soul singer and she reminds me of Adele, but stronger. Where Adele tends to have some very sentimental sad songs, (which can be very nice) Russell's songs have a lot of sass and attitude in her soul music and her music tends to be slightly upbeat.  But I do love me some sass! Sing it girl!

* I highly recommend the songs: "To Dust" and "Heartbreaker".

2) "Felicity"-The TV Show

I've somehow found my way to this J.J. Abrams show years later. I use to watch this show obsessively when it first came out. Now that Felicity is on Netflix, I find myself watching this show and laughing and finding how cute it is now that I'm an adult.  Looking back on it, I find it to be a really sweet show and I forgot how much I was torn about how should she choose to be a doctor or an artist, should she pick Ben or Noel? Ahhh the conundrums of a Twenty-something.

3 "Hemlock Grove"-Netflix TV Series

This show kind of crept up on me. It kind of reminds me of True Blood meets Twin Peaks meets Twilight. It deals with Werewolves, possible Vampires, Gypsies and of course it has Famke Janssen and I usually enjoy anything she does, plus she's pretty to look at and she has a fabulous little wardrobe. I hope to look that good when I'm in my 40's, you know what I'm saying?!

The show at times can be a little be creepy, but not too much. Warning: don't watch this if you can't stomach drops in eyes and rotting corpses. 

The whole first season is streaming on Netflix right now.