Sunday, January 16, 2011

OUROBOROS @ Renegade Theatre Experiment

Now that tech week is over, another costume design baby has left the womb! My costume work on OUROBOROS is complete.

From January 15 till February 5th, every Thursday through Sunday, the play OURBOROS by Tom Jacobson and directed by Virginia Drake is playing at the Historic Hoover Theatre in San Jose, California.

Tickets are available here. OUROBOROS Tickets.

Feel free to come and watch the show! Opening Night was a full house!

"Two American couples vacationing in Italy. Not that unusual. One couple is married and the other are friends. Again, not that unusual. One couple travels forward in time, while the other travels backward in time. Still, not that...wait, what? From the mind of renowned LA playwright, Tom Jacobson, comes the amazing palindrome play, OUROBOROS.

The forces of nature get all twisted around when Margaret and Tor meet Philip and Catherine. One couple is beginning their journey and the other in ending their's, all because of a cosmic connection and a ring, or rather rings. Is there one ring or two? Honestly, it all gets so confusing! One night the play will end as a comedy (The Nun's Story) and the next night it ends as a tragedy (The Minister's Story). Come experience this true experiment in storytelling! Love, lust, loyalty, betrayal, and faith are all wrapped up together to make the Regional Premiere of OUROBOROS by Tom Jacobson. "
-Renegade Theatre Experiment

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